Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bobby Blake - Exclusive Interview

The Star who shines in the Realm of Porn is now shining in a new Kingdom. Bananation speaks to Bobby Blake about his porn career, God and his new book, My Life In Porn.

Bananation: You are an African-American gay video superstar. What made you retired from the industry 7 years ago at the height of your career?

Bobby Blake: I have always had the mentality that I would quit at the peak, and having made sixty films over 3 years, I felt I had taken Bobby Blake persona as far as it could go. I had express what I needed to, and shown what I needed to show. So I wanted to move on with my life and do other things

In your interview with Herndon Davis, you mentioned that "your relationship with God' is personal. What can you say to gay Christians who are struggling between faith and identity?

I don't tell people how they should reconcile their faith and their sexuality: that has to be between them and God. But what I do tell them is that they need to have a personal relationship with God. Don't allow what others say come between you and God.

In the same interview, you also said that God put you in gay porn for a reason. Being a preacher before rising to porn stardom, how do you balance between Gods' words and fucking men in front of camera?

I never said God put me in porn for a reason ..God never put me in porn ! I said things happen for a reason and I now understand now why I took the route I took. I don't try and wrong the right or right the wrong. For me being in porn has led to me being contacted by many men and women struggling with their sexuality. I have been able to help thousands of men and to get that feedback saying ..you help me be honest with self.

You entered the porn business after your visit to an adult bookstore at age 14 or 15. You said, "I want to try this one day". What are your advices to budding porn actors who want to bring their fantasies to life?

Porn is not easy to do. You need to be a very particular type of person to do it. You need to know who you are, and you need to know what you're prepared to do. Many people in the adult industry are damaged people who end up getting more damaged through their involvement with it - drugs and alcohol abuse are unfortunately common in porn. I had worked as an exotic dancer for years before I did films so I knew what was comfortable with and how I was prepared to be seen by others. I today push the fact go to school get a degree ..for the mind is powerful ..become your own boss..business owner.

Your book, My Life In Porn - The Bobby Blake Story will be out May, 2008. How do you handle the unhappy memories as you are writing the book?

The challenge was to be honest-because I wanted to explain how I came to be the man I am as fully as possible - but at the same time not hurt any of those near and dear to me . The tough times are what show you what your qualities are.

What lessons in life can readers expect to learn from your book?

To be true to yourself and honest with yourself. To conduct yourself in a way that you get respect..whatever your race or sexuality or your position in life. The need to have a strong relationship with God on a personal level. That life struggles can work for the good in your life if you process them in the right way. How to stand firm on your beliefs while in a relationship that challenges everything you stand for.

You do not favor gay marriages because ceremonies and rings are only symbolic to you. Instead, you value what is in the heart. Hmm, does that mean Bobby Blake is the man who looks beyond appearance, races, nationality and wealth in a partner?

Yes I have had lovers of all different races and nationalities and levels of income..most of all I value integrity,fitness and honesty. I look at the heart of the man or woman for what's in one heart is what he or she is all about. You have to stand for something and know what that something it..have goals in life and over a period of time some of those goals should be met.

You emphasized a lot about getting a good education in your interview with Herdon Davis. You have a degree in Business and correct me if I'm wrong, you are pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Tell us truly if the lacks of education has pushed people to do porn for quick bucks?

I am now working on a Master degree in criminal justice after done with it..I will moved on and work on a Dr-degree in criminal justice. There are a lot of people who are in the porn business who have degrees..they have just chose to take a different route. There is a lot of money in the porn business just have to know what you are doing and stand for something in doing what you do.

Can you imagine working in a 9-to-5 office job with shirt and tie if you have not entered adult entertainment industry?

Yes I have work a 9-5 and still do ...just do a lot of my work from home..when done with all the schooling I want to teach on a college level in the field of criminal justice. I am no different from anyone else I can do what ever it takes to make my life a happy one.

Like Colton Ford who has released a CD, you will be releasing a single, 'Bootie Aint' Got no Face.". Tell us what this song is about.

Gay New York rapper Trudog invited me to do a guest rap on his single..My first time in the studio was kind of nerve-wracking, but Trudog put me at my ease and I was proud of the result

Now that you are back to ministry services, I'm sure that many in the Church recognise you. With your porn career history, do you have any indecent proposal from men/woman while at the Church?

I have people trying to come on to me both men and women but I quickly put them in their place. I don't play in God house . There is a place and time for all things and the house of God is not a place for such. I enjoy my walk with God it has allow me to reach out to thousands who wanted to die and not live but today ..they love themselves and one has to love self before he can love anyone else.

Have you been to Singapore?

I have never been to Singapore.

How much do you know about the gay scene here?

I knew that gay sex was illegal there.

Gay porn superstars are returning to their faith, like Tom Katt and yourself. Do you foresee more big names going back to the arms of God?

I am sure some will rediscover or reaffirm their faith. My Faith never left me it was always there ..just waiting on me to return to home base. Its is because of my faith I am able to stand now ..and reach out to millions all over this world.

To learn more about Bobby and his new book, visit http://www.bobbyblake.net/


Anonymous said...

He is a liar. He did say God put him in porn for a reason.

Anonymous said...

He'd be much more sexier if he wasn't a Gemini; they're so ambiguous. Also, his whole rough and tacky porn persona was a huge turn off to me. Thank the powers that be he's fully retired!

peaceandloveincorporated said...

Wow.. what a bunch of HATERS!!! We are all "feeling our way through the dark" in this life, and growing as humans --after reading these posts, some of us obviously more than others! You get a chance to peek past the porn superstar exterior into the human inside, and how do you respond??!! "He is a liar" He's "ambiguous, rough and tacky" Geeees!! You wanna-be LOSERS should cut the man some slack! BTW,, grow a pair and post other than anonymous!