Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Letters to Forum Editor: Issue of Homosexuality

I am upset over forum contributor, Mr Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn's letter "MM's comments have me and family worried." (ST, May 1).

I shall not deliver a harangue to dispel Mr Cheng's homophobia. That will only invite lampoons from the like-minded community. Instead, allow me to share my story.

I had dated girls in the past; today, I am a homosexual man in a long distance relationship with an American. If we generalise that "homosexuals lead a promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyle", I must be an outcast in my community. You won't find me at gay pubs, saunas and chatrooms; surfing pornography is the only activity that makes me bohemian. You can interview my close friends (straight and gay), and they will tell you how much I live like you and me. I do not cruise for sex. I go to the gym or catch up with friends after work. I stay at home most weekends to read books, watch DVDs or play the piano. I do have my indulgence in shopping - not on fashion but on books and music. When time and finances allow, I travel to meet my boyfriend, overseas friends, or on my own. I take care of my aged parents well and pay my bills on time. Bearing in my mind that I am a homosexual, do any of these activities appear immoral to you? Anyone can be promiscuous and hedonistic - male, female, gay or straight. Let be broad-minded and not hurt anyone by our own views. I am not the only homosexual who leads a responsible and healthy lifesytle. We can't see air but it exists.

Next, I would like to share my view on the decriminalization of Section 377A. Unavoidably, I have to cite Mr Cheng's again. He said in his letter:

"Singapore today faces the challenge of a declining birth rate and families are breaking down at the same time. To legalise homosexuality will compound these problems, given that homosexual couples do not reproduce."

His statement raises my eyebrows. Everyone knows that homosexuals are unable to make babies between them. More of us means lesser of the heterosexuals, which may contribute to lesser babies. We can't help it. If the doctors that Mentor Minister, Lee Kuan Yew consulted have advised that homosexuals are genetically born, medical professionals would agree that it is wiser to focus on heterosexual couples to increase birth rate. I do agree that liberalising gay sex law may throw in new problems to the society. However, for Mr Cheng to remark that "we do not make it easier to be a homosexual by legalising their activities", he has detracted from the sincerity of his concern for the issue. What will Singapore - our home, our country, benefit by making the life of homosexual citizens difficult? Even if Section 377A is successfully repealed, being a homosexual is still not easy for many. Our challenges are more than the ordinary can embrace.

Singapore is a wholesome country. Let's not forget that we homosexuals help in building it too.

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theonlinecitizen said...

Hi Moto,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Moto,

This issue of homosexuality liberialisation in Spore as raised by MM has it's roots in a book written by Richard Florida, The Rise of The Creative Class. In the book, the author raises the strong correlation between cities with technology & growth to the gay community in those cities.

Therefore, the whole issue is economic-based and nothing to do with any liberalization or tolerance issues. It is a purely dollars-&-cents matter.